destacado que es elkargi

At your side with your project.

Created by and for companies, ELKARGI is a Guarantee Society (SGR), with more than 40 years improving conditions of loans given by banks to SMEs and the self-employed, thereby facilitating the access to real financing.

With more than 5.600 partner companies, we are the leading guarantee society in all Spain by volume of guarantees granteds, with offices in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

How do we do it?


First contact.

We listen to your story; what are your financial needs? We also explain how Elkargi works.


Reception and analysis.

We receive your accounting data to verify the viability of your project. After detailed study and considering all of the alternatives available to you, we advise you and agree to the best solution for your company.


Study of the operation.

We submit your operation to the Risk Committee and inform you of its decision.



With your approval and our guarantee, we sign the operation in the presence of a notary. Together we continue to build the future.


Description of products and services:

We work with the leading financial and credit entities to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

Las garantías se benefician de la Garantía que ha sido provista por COSME y el Fondo Europeo para Inversiones Estratégicas (“FEIE”) establecidos bajo el Plan de Inversiones para Europa o del apoyo del Fondo de Garantía Pyme INNOVFIN con el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea bajo Horizonte 2020. El objetivo del FEIE es ayudar el apoyo a la financiación y la ejecución de inversiones productivas en la Unión Europea y asegurar un incremento en el acceso a la financiación.

Las garantías otorgadas a una operación incluida en la línea CCS está apoyada por el mecanismo de Garantía para Sectores Culturales y Creativos (CCS Guarantee Facility), con el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea bajo el programa Europa Creativa.